Saturday, June 27, 2015


Tuesday was a lovely dry Spring day, so we decided to take a day trip to Bishop Hill IL a historic Swedish village set among cornfields and windfarms.  It was a quiet day, with only a few visitors and most of them were there to have lunch at P. L. Johnson's, which is where we also ate.  Irv had traditional Swedish meatballs and a salad and I had a turkey/ham sandwich on the most delicious Swedish rye bread.  After lunch we visited a pottery, one of the few places open on a Tuesday, where we saw a variety of decorative pots and a few Christmas items.  
     Since it was still early afternoon, we got back on the interstate and headed several more miles to Dick Bliicks, an artist supply store where I made a couple of purchases.  Then it was time to head home. Pictured below is a photo of Mr. Kitty who greeted us at P. L. Johnson's and some photos from the pottery.  


Hope you enjoyed our trip and stop by again.

Monday, June 22, 2015


I just couldn't resist posting a couple of photos of the three potted geraniums sitting in front of our house.  They are loaded with buds (one has 30) and are rather remarkable as this is the third year for them.  They wintered in our walkout family room where they sit in front of a large sunny window.  The first year, I cut them back, but this year I didn't as they were full of blooms when we brought them in.  They need a little trimming now, but we're very happy with all of the blooms.  I hope you enjoy them too and thanks for stopping by.