Sunday, November 22, 2015


     A dusting of snow might have been OK for our first snowfall of this winter, but instead we ended up with at least 9 inches of heavy wet snow.  It also came early in the season, starting Friday night and continuing into early morning.  Irv went out Sat. afternoon with the snowblower which kept getting clogged up with the wet snow.  It was 5 degrees this morning, so we stayed home and fixed breakfast.  Good food served in a cozy kitchen.  Can't beat that.
      The Hawks played their last home football game Sat. and from the looks of the nice green field and the crowds in the stands you would never know that it snowed.  It was an exciting game and once again they came through with a win.  A perfect season so far and let's hope it continues with a win over Nebraska next Friday.  We've had a lot of fun watching the games together this year!
       I took a few pictures of our snowy deck and the back yard just so we wouldn't forget this first snow.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

VanderVeer Park Conservatory Visit

     While I was out and about today, I stopped at the VanderVeer Park Conservatory and photographed the beautiful mum display.  It will soon be replaced with a lighted floral Christmas display, so check back in a few weeks for another conservatory visit.
     I think the "spider" mums were my favorites, but I enjoyed all of the displays.