Sunday, May 19, 2013

     The wrens are singing as they busily build nests in two bird houses and the sweet smell of lilacs fills the air -- sure signs that Spring is here. 

     The temperatures this week have really been up and down --
92 degrees on Tuesday and then down in the 50's the next night.  It's in the 80's today with on and off rain showers.  Many of the fields in the area have been planted and Irv has all of his flowers in, so a little rain is OK -- sun is out now, so it will be humid.

     The week was a busy one, so I really didn't have the opportunity to get creative.  We went to DeWitt on Tuesday to go on an African Safari (via slides) and then saw the movie "The Great Gatsby" with lunch at Red Lobster afterwards.  I had really been looking forward to the movie and wasn't disappointed -- it was absolutely beautiful.  We don't have as much planned for this week, so just maybe I'll have a chance to play! 

     I can't believe that Memorial Day is just around the corner --
hope to see you then.  Enjoy the lilacs and have a great day!

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  1. Lilacs are so pretty and smell wonderful. I wish they stayed around longer. This year seemed pretty short for lilacs.