Sunday, April 7, 2013


     You may wonder who Gaylord is and why he deserves a headline.  Well, he's our neighborhood trumpeter swan who spends part of his time in our warm weather in and around a neighbor's pond.  He migrates to warmer temperatures in the winter (yes, even swans can be snowbirds) and yesterday was the first day I've seen him since he left late last Fall.  Except for a couple of visiting geese once in a while, he lives a pretty solitary life, as his mate died after being shot several years ago.  Irv keeps hoping he'll find another mate, but I think he prefers being a bachelor.  He's very elegant and it's really a sight to see him fly.  I guess he knew that our temperatures are getting warmer -- it's 59 degrees this afternoon and last night we even had a short thunderstorm.  It was so nice to know that it was only rain coming down and not snow.
     On to my project in progress, which is now complete.  It's so nice to actually finish something once in a while.  I made a triptyche out of the three tags  shown in my last post.  They are hinged together, so they can stand and are presently on our buffet.
I embossed each tag with a different folder and then colored each tag with Ranger's Distress Ink. The Umbrella 
Man was die cut, as well as the flourish and the flowers.  The
verse is:  "Life is like a rainbow,
you need both the sun and the
rain to make it's colors appear".  I was actually inspired by a similar project that I liked so much that I decided to make this one.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we are.  Have a great day!


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  1. I love these tags! I like the quote also. I didn't think to look for Gaylord. I enjoy winter but I am looking forward to Spring Summer and fall.