Saturday, April 27, 2013

HOW TIME FLIES . . . . . .

     I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since I posted -- the days seem to fly by.  My table at the garage sale was more than full and while I sold a good amount of "stuff", I still brought home more than I hoped to.  Some will be donated and haven't quite decided what to do with the rest -- mostly stamps.  It seems like more of the customers are interested in scrapbooking than stamping. 
     Spring is still "off and on" -- it's in the 60's today and it was sunny, but the clouds have moved in now.  Rain is predicted for the next couple of days and the temps are still not quite where they should be.  Color Me Creative is celebrating it's 3rd anniversay and I participated in the Blog Hop and am submitting answers to the quiz.  It's a good thing that Google exists as I needed answers to a few strange questions like where is the world's largest rubber stamp located -- Cinncinati, Ohio!  However, it's a sculpture in a park and not a real rubber stamp.  Oh well!
     I wanted to enter my card
in th last CMC challenge, however I was a day late in finishing it -- like I said, time flies.  The theme was "red", so I used the color as much as possible and it's a nice bright card.  Hopefully, it will fit in with a future challenge and I can enter it then.  The theme for the current challenge is "Celebrate" and I've started working on a card already, so hopefully I'll do a little better at finishing it on time.  
     Until I post again --- take care and have a great day!


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