Thursday, October 24, 2013


     Winter is sneaking in way too early -- we had accumulating snow on Tuesday and it's only 32 degrees as I write this at 10:30 this Thursday morning.  We haven't had Indian Summer yet, so hopefully it will warm up in the coming days and we can enjoy the colorful trees without being bundled up for winter.
     Yesterday I finally made a few Halloween cards and a couple of tags.   Now all I need is a friendly ghost to come and clean off my kitchen counter, so I can start another project.  Nothing very exciting to report which I guess is a good thing.  We did venture out in the snow/slush Tuesday for lunch and to see the classic movie, "Vertigo" at the Putnam.  It was a typical Hitchcock and of course, Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak were excellent.  These "old" movies are really fun to see -- much different than the currant ones. 
     We brought in my big, beautiful, geraniums for the winter -- they're sitting in the family room in front of the big window where they get morning sunlight.  One of them is still in full bloom and another one has at least 7 buds on it. 


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