Wednesday, January 1, 2014


     Well, I'm happy to see a new year, but wish it wasn't getting off to such a cold and snowy start.  It's been snowing since about
10 a.m. and the high temp of the day is 15 degrees.  I'm not sure when the snow is supposed to stop, but I know the below normal cold temperatures are here for at least a couple of more weeks!  We are grateful to be in a nice warm house, but cabin fever will set in before too much longer.  I really have so much I need and want to do that I really shouldn't mind being home for a while, but I do like to be out and about too.
     This morning we watched the Rose Bowl parade, which was beautiful as usual and then we watched Iowa lose in the Outback Bowl.  Actually, I did have the game on, but was busy trying to make a tag to post today.  It didn't turn out quite the way I envisioned it, but since I was short on time, I decided it would have to be OK -- at least I'm starting off the year by posting on my blog, which I hope to do more often this year. 
     I hope everyone has a wonderful 2014!


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