Sunday, August 11, 2013


     I think my creativity went out the door along with my 35 yr. old harvest gold refrigerator and range, as I haven't created anything since then.  The refrigerator died July 27 (something we didn't realize until the next morning) and since it had lived for double it's normal life expectancy, it was time to replace it.  Since the range was just as old and the microwave part hadn't worked for years, I decided we should replace it too.  Well, as I already knew, they don't make them like they used to and since we needed next day delivery, I made some fast decisions.  I went "modern" with a glass top range and we now have a much bigger refrigerator with a "bottom" freezer which doesn't hold as much as our older top freezer.  And they are now "white".  After reading all of the instructions for using the glass top range, I found that some of my favorite pans (glass) were not to be used.  Now I also have beautiful new Circulon pans, including a new roasting pan!  I guess we're never too old to start over!  
     There are a couple of Challenges I want to enter and I have some new Tim Holtz stencils I can't wait to use, so I guess I'd better pack up my old pots and pans and get them to the Salvation Army.  Maybe then my creativity will return!   

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