Sunday, June 2, 2013


     Just a short post today, as it was a pretty uneventful week except for the thunderstorm late Thursday afternoon.  We had some rain, but mainly high winds (65+ mph).  Luckily we didn't have any damage, however when we drove down to Clark's Landing in Buffalo for dinner, we saw several trees down and the restaurant was closed because the power was out.  We drove to Rock Island IL for dinner and didn't really see any damage.  When we got home our cable was out, so it was a "quiet" evening.  It's cloudy and cool (60 degrees) today but no rain.  They expect flooding from the Mississippi River again in downtown Davenport, so they are busy putting up barriers again.
     I spent a little time yesterday playing with some stencils.  They are fun to use and give a different look to things.  I decided to make a tag triptyche featuring butterflies and some flowers -- thought it would look pretty on the hutch.  I used Distress Ink and a variety of stencils -- nothing too fancy, but pretty.


     Hope you enjoy my attempt at stenciling.  Have a good day and stop by again.


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